Note on the Application for Registration

  1. About the collection of personal data in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong:
    1. Purpose of Collection: The personal data you voluntarily provided through this application form and attachments will be used by the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists Ltd. (“HKICP”) for the purposes approved by the Processional Council of HKICP including but not limited to HKICP membership consideration, HKICP membership registration, and communication between you and HKICP.
    2. Consequences of failure to supply personal data: Your truthful information is necessary for the purposes mentioned in paragraph A above, failure to provide as required may result in the delay or decline of your application and/or disruption of HKICP communication with you about HKICP matters.
    3. Classes of transferees: The personal data you provided through this application form may be disclosed to statutory authorities when lawfully required and/or other persons for the purposes mentioned in paragraph A above.
    4. Access to Personal Data: You have a right to request access to and to request correction of the personal data you provided to HKICP. To access the data, you should write to HKICP at the electronic or the registered address specified in
    5. Amendment to Personal Data: You should write to HKICP if you want to amend your personal data.
  2. Procedure
    1. The application fee is HKD500. Please pay the application fee by ATM or Internet banking.
      Bank: Hang Seng Bank
      No.: 239-581044-001
      *You are required to upload the proof of payment (i.e. the receipt) while filling in this online application form.
    2. Fill in all the information in this online application form and upload all the supporting documents for submission.
    3. Print out the completed application form.
    4. Downland and fill in “Declaration Form – Application for Registration with HKICP
    5. Make a statutory declaration on “Declaration Form – Application for Registration with HKICP” before a Commissioner for Oaths, Solicitor or Barrister in Hong Kong. Declaration service is also available free of charge at the District Office of Home Affair Department (
    6. Send
      1. the proof of payment (i.e. the receipt) of the application fee of HKD500;
      2. the printout of “Application for Registration with HKICP – Application Form”;
      3. the signed “Declaration Form - Application for Registration with HKICP” and
      4. the supporting documents to: Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists P.O. Box 98642 Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  3. HKICP will only start the application vetting procedure after receiving the proof of payment of the application fee, BOTH the hardcopy and the electronic submission of the “Application for Registration with HKICP – Application Form” and the supporting documents AND the hardcopy of the signed “Application for Registration with HKICP – Declaration Form”.
  4. Submission of application documents for registration does not imply the application has been successful.
  5. The application fee is non-refundable.
  6. Processing of an application usually takes 16 calendar weeks after all necessary documents and application fee are received. Whether this pledge can be met will also depend on the circumstances of individual applications and the number of applications received during a particular period.
  7. I understand and agree that HKICP may ask me to provide proof of supervised clincial practice upon annual renewal of registration for 2 years if I obtained my clinical psychology qualification after 31 October 2019 and have less than 2 years of practice experience as a Clinical Psychologist.
  1. You will be requested to upload the image files of all supporting documents such as certificate, transcript, the proof of payment etc while you are filling in the application form. Therefore, please scan all supporting documents beforehand.
  2. Please do not close the browser before submission or otherwise all filled in information will be lost.
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