Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists Limited (HKICP) aspires to ensure that the society of Hong Kong is served by an ethical and competent profession of clinical psychologists and is committed to providing and advancing professional clinical psychology service for human well-being.


To ensure that clinical psychologists are competent and fit to practice for the psychological well-being of the public, HKICP is to:

  1. prescribe the qualifications required for the practice of clinical psychology;
  2. manage a register of qualified clinical psychologists (accredited clinical psychologists) in Hong Kong which is accessible to the public;
  3. set the standard of professional conduct;
  4. receive and adjudicate on complaints against registrants of HKICP in a just and fair manner.


The logo honours the tradition and professionalism of clinical psychology development in Hong Kong through an original design embedding the Greek capital letter psi (PSY symbol) and the color purple (note: purple has been traditionally used to represent clinical psychological services in public mental health services in Hong Kong). The schematically presented 3-D pole in the centre is a symbolic representation of the principle of upholding standard, while the semi-circle embodied the themes of protecting the public and being inclusive. The two leaves with veins of the PSY symbol denote the flourishing development of HKICP and its two main operations, namely, management of the register and accreditation of training for clinical psychologists.

Acknowledgement: We greatly appreciate Dr. Tse Man Wah, Doris for designing the logo of HKICP. Dr. Tse is a physician by background who has great skills with her hands. She creates artistic pieces that delight people around.